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The Archived (The Archived, #1) - Victoria Schwab I thought this book was really interesting and unique with a nice blend of things I like (good main character/love interest with decent side characters, slightly creepy vibe, mystery, ghosts, a journey to a different world, etc). Some people might be a bit annoyed at how slow the pace is when the book starts, but I actually liked that because it nicely set up the story without having that rushed feeling books sometimes have where they're so impatient to get to the main story that they just quickly throw information at you.That being said, there are some flaws with this book that made for a confusing start, even though I started to understand it later on. First, she talks about her grandfather who she calls Da and then her father who she calls Dad. She'll talk about a memory she has about Da (those memories have a special format in the book so they're very easy to identify) and then jump to talk about her Dad, and I remember feeling a bit confused before realizing that they were two different people. Secondly, the past and present is combined in a confusing way at times, and they don't have a different format like above so it was also a bit confusing. Like I said, I originally figured it out but it's not always fun to spend the first quarter of the book confused. Thirdly, the world building wasn't perfect (I definitely questioned some things a few times) but the story was interesting enough that I didn't spend too much time thinking about it.I will definitely be checking out the second book!