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Storm Glass - Maria V. Snyder I'm disappointed. I loved Poison Study so I know that Snyder's writing can work for me and I was curious about Opal in the Study book she appeared in. But there were too many plots. Stormdancers and their mystery, the return to school, the fake diamonds and the possible political plots and connections behind them, Opal's various magical developments, the missing kidnapper, the love triangle of sorts, and the plot to find a magical prison made out of glass. For every plot there were a couple sub-plots, and after a while it was just too much. The characters were bland and all blended together. I was the most interested in finding out about the Stormdancers but despite them being a part of the main plot, there wasn't that much about them.Also, I definitely recommend reading the Study series first. This is NOT a stand-alone series. Characters and things and developments that were introduced in the Study series popped up here with very little background story. People who don't read Study first will be confused.