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Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - This was practically unreadable. The characters were bland and their romance boring. The writing was terrible, and wow, really hated the party scene at the beginning. That's when things officially started going downhill for me. The characters sound the same, and half the time I don't get their reasoning. Anna's first impression of Kaidan is that he's a beautiful jerk, yet the very next scene she's confiding in him a secret that she's kept hidden from everyone and breaking promises to her adoptive mother. At the very beginning of the book she goes to a party (even though she doesn't want anything to do with drugs or alcohol) and despite overhearing a suspicious conversation and supposedly being able to read auras, doesn't get suspicious at all when a guy hands her a drink that is supposedly alcohol free but actually contains some ecstasy in it that this guy uses to try to sleep with her. Which, by the way, is not taken very seriously for most of the book and only then as a way to make Anna all powerful and angry. Most of the time I didn't understand anyone's reasoning. I actually did manage to read the whole thing (though I do admit to some skimming), but only because it was for a challenge. How this managed to get nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award beats me.