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Violins of Autumn - Amy McAuley There were a few aspects of this novel that I really liked. For example, while there was a love triangle/romance in the story, there was more focus on Betty's relationship with her fellow spy Denise. I always appreciate a friendship in YA novels that isn't overshadowed by the romantic aspect which, don't get me wrong, I can enjoy a lot too. That being said, even though their relationship was the main one in the book, it also felt a bit rushed. They're civil towards each other and know that they depend on each other but they're not super close until suddenly a little more than halfway through the book. They obviously bonded because of being in a similar situation and, as Betty points out in the novel, they can't trust anyone so they might as well trust each other. I understood that but still wish that it was showed more in the novel.In fact, that's actually a big problem with the novel, the fact that it's so rushed at times. Character's opinions of each other randomly change, there is a lot of telling without much showing, and events in the book happen so quickly that even though I read this book yesterday I have already forgotten most of what happened in the book. Lots of characters and plots were brought up at some point and then never really addressed, and then the whole book ends a bit too neatly and happily especially given the traumatic experience Betty has gone through. I wish this book had more substance because it really did have a lot of potential and I was so intrigued by the summary. But this book just had too much telling me what was happening instead of showing me, so I felt very unemotional about it all.