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Cinders & Sapphires (at Somerton)

Cinders & Sapphires - Leila Rasheed There were some likeable characters, the writing was decent, and it had moments where it really explored things like women's rights, class issues, and the problems of India under British rule. Unfortunately this was buried under the other things: over the top scandals and drama, the "bad" characters, and my favorite, the insta-love. One of the main characters seems willing to risk everything after what, 3 conversations, a handful of kisses, and a few letters? A few people compared this to Downton Abbey, which, other than the 1912 setting, I didn't see. The only time I got the feeling was how Charlotte reminded me of Lady Sybil in her determination to ruin Ada as a form of revenge without realizing that ruining HER reputation ruins the family's. Charlotte may not be biologically related to Ada but she is now part of the family so she is, in a sense, working to ruin herself as well. It was frustrating because at times I wanted to and DID like the book, but it got bogged down by the desire to roll my eyes all the time at the other nonsense.