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Eve and Adam -

I am writing this on my kindle so sorry for any mistakes. I was interested in this book because the description grabbed my attention, but sadly it disappointed. The characters were extremely flat. The only one that had any substance was Eve's mom who is a grey character who admits to being cold, ruthless, and bitchy and is proud of it. Nobody is sure exactly where her loyalties lie. However, she also slutshames Eve's friend which made me like her much less. The love interest was unlikable, especially in the way he was thinking about Eve when she was seriously injured.


And the instalove! With very few conversations, encounters where one or the other was injured, they fell enough in love to risk everything for each other. Aslinn's side story was also annoying and distracting and didn't have much of a conclusion. The book wasn't well-plotted which made all that even more apparent. Even Eve's creation of Adam was boring, and he was barely a part of the book and even got his own instalove.The idea was great but the execution was definitely lacking.