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Wide Sargasso Sea: Student Edition (Penguin Modern Classics)

Wide Sargasso Sea (Penguin Modern Classics) - Jean Rhys, Angela Smith, Francis Wyndham I started out this book feeling very optimistic. It had come recommended to me by two people whose opinion when it comes to books I trust quite a bit, and at first I liked the writing and it felt very atmospheric at first to me. I was also very curious reading from Bertha's( or, as she is called in the book, Antoinnete's) point of view. Unfortunately, the optimism didn't last. First of all, this story was very hard for me to understand and I've read Jane Eyre several times. I can't even imagine what it would be like for someone who isn't as familiar with the story. It's also a lot going on for a novel so short, and most of it just feels extremely rushed. And the reason that she ended up becoming mad just feels ridiculous to me. By the end I was barely skimming. Giving a book 1 star is extremely rare for me but this was close to unreadable.