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The Boy Next Door - Meg Cabot I almost didn't read this book.First of all, I am not a big fan of adult Meg Cabot books, minus a few exceptions. Her teen books are my guilty pleasure, but her characters are exactly the same in both. What's acceptable for a teenager is different than what's acceptable for someone in their 30s, and it becomes annoying. Plus her sex scenes are really awkward.Secondly, I don't like books written in letter format. Diary format is fine, but letters and emails are just hard for me to get into. I gave this one a chance, though, because last time I felt hesitant about a letter book and read it anyway (Feeling Sorry for Celia) I ended up liking it a lot.Unfortunately, this wasn't the case here. It wasn't a TERRIBLE read, but it didn't grip my attention like Feeling Sorry for Celia did. There were also a few things that annoyed me about The Boy Next Door:1. Meg Cabot has a habit of doing this thing where she'll mention a few people, say something about someone, then say "This person, I mean." When people are talking, that's understandable. I know that sometimes when I'm talking I have to clarify what I mean after. Even in letter or diary format that's fine, because maybe the character doesn't want to cross it out or rewrite it. But an email? You can press the delete button and clarify without anyone being any wiser.2. I was surprised at the fact that her main character didn't get fired. By the end of the book, she had at least 47 tardies in a single year, mostly because she had to walk her neighbor's dog 4 times a day. Somehow walking a dog was more important than going to work, even though I'm sure she could have found someone to walk it! Later on, she made up an entire article to get revenge against someone, causing a lot of problems for people, including some cops. The story ended up being completely ridiculous, and not in a fun way, but more of an eye rolling way. 3. I didn't feel like I got to know any of the characters that well. I certainly didn't care about what happened to them. I also saw the twist at the end from a mile away. Rating: 2/5