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The Last Dragonslayer - Jasper Fforde I think it is one of my least favorite things to realize that I no longer enjoy reading books by an author I once liked very much. I thought the first 4 books (minus maybe the 3rd) of the Thursday Next series were great. They were funny, quirky, clever, and imaginative. They took place in a parallel world but it was also very easy to figure out the world and understand what was going on. Later on I felt that they became too focused on being quirky and clever that something very important was left out: an actual plot. Instead, it was more about how weird could the series get. All the spark that I felt towards the series is no longer there. Before this book I figured that maybe it was just the series. This book proved to me that no, Jasper Fforde just isn't for me anymore. On top of all that, the book left me very confused as to what was going on. Yes, I get that it's a different world where magic exists and no longer really matters, but other than that the worldbuilding felt very rushed to me. DNF at around 180 pages.