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Dead Beautiful - Yvonne Woon A friend let me borrow this book, and after reading some good reviews on it, I decided to check it out. A lot of people called the story original, so I was surprised when I read it and thought of it as a combination of Twilight and Vampire Diaries, but with zombies.Vampire Diaries+ Girl's parents die in some sort of mysterious (and tragic) accident, which introduces her to the supernatural world.+ At some point, the guy she's interested in injures himself, but heals himself quickly and acts innocent and pretends he wasn't injured. Girl is suspicious.+ It's been a while since I've read any of The Vampire Diaries books (I gave up on them pretty fast because they were terrible) but I seem to recall Bonnie, Meredith, and Elena doing some sort of seance and having it go wrong. Here, too.Twilight+ Girl ends up going to a new school, where she stands out as the new girl and people are interested in her.+ Immediately notices a mysterious guy who is brilliant and aloof and everyone is obsessed with, though he only hangs out with his own group. This leads to a lot of description on how gorgeous he is.+ But of course they get off to a bad start, but they are partners in a class, and she is secretly glad. She stands out to him, as well. Did I mention she's brilliant?+ Dorky guy is interested in her, but she's only into him as a friend.+ There's something weird about the main guy, and he doesn't seem to quite fit in the times, and she's suspicious about him. Also he's really cold and they can't make out or anything, which makes her think that he doesn't really care. Some stuff about him being able to hurt her, some stuff about her not really caring.+ Creepy secret about the guy doesn't end up bothering her.Just add in a boarding school, a really creepy back story about soul sucking, zombie-like creatures, and a few other things, and you have Dead Beautiful in a nutshell!