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The Road to Avalon - Joan Wolf, Mary Jo Putney I loved this book so much. In fact, I might say it's one of my favorites. This year I've been reading a lot of books having to do with Arthurian Legend. What makes this book stand out to me is how every single character is made out to be sympathetic, good, but with flaws that eventually lead to their downfalls. There is no one purely evil character. Gwenhwfer, Mordred, Morgan, they're all likable. Arthur/Morgan have this beautiful relationship too, one of the best portrayed. Another thing that made the book stand out to me was the fact that there wasn't much religious debate, something that made Mists of Avalon not as enjoyable to me. In fact, only one comment is made when a Pagan knight complains about a monk he doesn't like. Arthur says "If we judged all religions by their human representatives, they would all be found lacking."