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Just Listen - Sarah Dessen I've adjusted the rating for a few times, mostly due to the fact that it really felt like the typical Dessen forumla, but after thinking about it I decided to give the truly rare (for me) 5-star rating.I first read this in 8th grade and it really spoke to me and touched me deeply at that point of my life. There are certain kinds of books where, even if what happened didn't happen to me at all, it opens up similar kinds emotions for different situations. When I reread this in 2011, I was feeling a bit snarky about how repetitive Dessen's books can be, as shown in my review of [b:What Happened to Goodbye|8492856|What Happened to Goodbye|Sarah Dessen|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1347810788s/8492856.jpg|13014066]. Since then I have grown less critical of that, mostly because there's just something so comforting and nice about her novels. There's a lot that happens in here (dysfunctional family, eating disorders, depression, nasty high-schoolers, traumatic memories, a love-story, etc) and in other books it might seem a bit too dramatic and over-the-top but somehow here it works. I loved how Annabel lived in a glass house, where observers could watch and see their seemingly perfect life, but below the perfection are a lot of issues. What people see on the surface isn't always what's really there.