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The Moon and More - Sarah Dessen I really liked this one! A couple years ago I found Sarah Dessen's consistent formula very annoying, yet as I've grown older I've found that I mind less and less. Yes, a lot of her stories feel the same but I do enjoy a lot of the messages behind them and some of them have spoken to me quite a bit at a certain point in my life. I've also found that her last few novels have changed from the usual formula in small ways which I appreciate as well.This book had a lot of the things that I usually love from her books: nice writing, great friendships and thought about family dynamic, and deep thoughts that the character has before going through some big change in her life. In particular one aspect of the novel that really spoke to me was about family and the idea that yes, sometimes you really can choose who your family is. In this novel Emmeline has her "dad", who is really her stepfather but acts more like her biological father, and her "father", who is very much a distant part of her life. There's no question here as to who is really her parent. Her father's son was also a very enjoyable part of the book for me!Emmaline was a decent main character but I've found that in Dessen novels I tend to like a lot of the supporting characters the most. It was very much the same here! The romance aspect was probably my least favorite part. I've liked a lot of Dessen's past love interests. In this book there is almost a love triangle, though it really didn't feel too much like one. I didn't like Theo or Luke very much but I guess if I had to choose one it would be Luke even though I didn't really like how he cheated on Emmaline and then expected to get together with her. But he did seem to know her better than Theo and he acted pretty decently after the original fight. Theo, on the other hand, was just incredibly stuck up and too sure/full of himself. He wasn't very considerate of what other people want, and by the end I found myself disliking him a lot. I was glad for the open ending that hinted at the possibility of Emmaline getting back with Luke but didn't straight out say. And of course in this novel there is the familiar setting of Colby. I think I liked the town better here than in [b:Along for the Ride|5664985|Along for the Ride|Sarah Dessen|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1347644125s/5664985.jpg|5836517].