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Bloodlines - Richelle Mead Sydney was just a bit too perfect at times. She is smart, a hard worker, extremely polite, and has a solution for all kinds of things that makes people interested in her. Even her flaws are too perfect, the types of flaws that authors give characters to make them seem less perfect but they actually make the character more adorable. In this book, it was Sydney's adorable cluelessness as she doesn't realize she's showing off in class (people still like her, though!) or when a boy is asking her out as her friend watches, laughs, and points out how adorably clueless she is. Her other flaw is that in the beginning of the novel she points out that she has a hard time standing up for herself and is more likely to just obey orders, but that starts to resolve itself pretty quickly. That said, Sydney isn't unlikeable so even when I was annoyed at how perfect she was, the book was still pretty readable. The plot twist was predictable, I already knew what it was long before it actually came up in the book and I am pretty terrible at figuring these things out usually. Finally, one problem that really bothered me in this book was Sydney's weight issues. she barely eats, is upset when she's getting fitted for a uniform and has to get a size 4 instead of a size 2 (though the person fitting was quick to tell her that a 4 is still small!), is jealous of the fact that Jill is a size 0, and at one point she gets a compliment about how skinny she is.