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Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally What I liked:Jordan's relationship with her father was pretty well done and resolved nicely.Jordan's friendship with the boys! They respect her and have a lot of fun together. The fact that she actually got together with Henry. I was a little suspicious when she kept comparing Ty to him but the book seemed to be all about her getting together with Ty. I'm SO used to preferring the friend that the MC does not end up with that it was nice to actually have them get together. That being said, I'm not sure how I feel about her realizing it only when What I did not like:Jordan's relationship with Ty. I thought he ended up being really unlikeable but I also hate how she dealt with the relationship. "Oh, I can't be with Henry so I'll be with Ty because the daily special, even when I want some other expensive item, is better than nothing! But for some reason my relationship with Ty is ruining the friendship with Henry and I have no idea why!" I might not have really liked Ty and how controlling of everything he was (and how he kept trying to tell her how to be with her guy friends!), but being in a relationship with someone who really likes you but you don't like the same way just because you can't be with the person you ACTUALLY want to be with is not cool.Also, after freaking out so long about kissing him, it seemed out of character to lose her virginity to him after one day of being together and pretty much their second kiss. Jordan's view of other girls. Almost all of the other girls are bitchy and scheming and gossipy. They sleep around with all of the football players and make fun of Jordan. She is really scornful and hesitant to be around any girls. This kind of changes near the end but I'm not sure if it's for the better because the only two girls she really ended up being friends with was because they liked football and pizza/wings. It felt a lot like, "I'm not like those other girls!"