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The Summer I Became a Nerd - Leah Rae Miller Let me start this out by saying that I am a nerd/geek. I also tend to hide some of that, by which I mean that people will know that I like something (say, Doctor Who), but most people won't know the extent of how much I like Doctor Who unless I find out that they like it too. Even then, I like to keep several aspects of my internet life hidden. So I might have a Doctor Who marathon and talk about it for hours with my friends, but I wouldn't reveal my secret online identity to them or post a bunch of Facebook statuses about it.That being said, I have a really hard time imagining someone taking that secret life to the extent that Maddie does. Being with a boy she can't stand, hiding so much of what she is because of one embarrassing event that apparently traumatized her so much that every bit of nerd must be safely hidden from the rest of the world. This book was pretty fun and enjoyable but there was just something about Maddie that made me dislike her. Logan was cute, though! Also, there was some slut-shaming in this book which automatically made me dock it one star. Guess what! You can dislike a woman without having to point out how provocative she looks and shaming her for it! Shocker, I know. On a shallow note, what an ugly cover!