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Shades of Milk and Honey - Mary Robinette Kowal So this book is like a mix of most Jane Austen books only with magic as well. The magic is an every-day part of people's lives which is a little interesting but the magic really was background in their lives, only really to provide a way for the two potential love interests to become interested in Jane. Because of the lack of focus on magic, how it works and its limitations aren't very well explained. It's used as a sort of plastic surgery to disguise problems with appearance, it's used as decoration on clothes and walls and other sorts of decorative/artistic purposes, and it can be dangerous if the person creating the magic (or glamour, as it's called in the book) uses too much of their energy. This book was long and repetitive and tries very hard to seem Austen-esque and old fashioned (she even uses old fashioned language such as chuse) but doesn't succeed. Instead, it just feels boring. The action picks up only in the last 15% of the novel or so and then it had the problem of feeling too over the top and ridiculous. The love story was underdeveloped and I felt that it didn't set the foundations very well for a good long-lasting relationship.