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The Virgin Suicides - Jeffrey Eugenides I started reading this book with extremely high expectations due to all the amazing things I had heard about the story. I did somewhat like the book and I thought the writing was lovely, but it didn't quite meet those expectations. In some ways the book reminded me of Wuthering Heights in the way it was told, through the stories of the people who had interacted with the Lisbon girls. The point-of-view is first person plural (first time I've read that, I think!) with a bunch of men who were obsessed with the Lisbon girls as teenagers and still are 20 years after their deaths. However, the reason why Wuthering Heights was more effective was because the people telling the stories had direct contact with Cathy and Heathcliffe and were around during all the events of the novel. The story-tellers in this novel had very few interactions with the characters and were mostly telling the stories from afar as the Lisbon girls spent most of their time trapped in their houses. Because of this I felt very removed from the story and a lot of the emotional impact was lost. I think the way it was told (with how the suicides effected the town even if it was from afar) still could have been great but there was just something missing.