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The King of Attolia - Megan Whalen Turner I really like these books! They're fun and imaginative with some action, humor, and romance thrown in. What I liked about this book is that it's mostly told through the point of view of a new character, one who deals with the king on a regular basis but didn't know Gen from before. This fresh perspective on a character we already know is interesting. Gen is now King of Attolia and struggles with it because while he loves the queen, he didn't want to rule. Because of this he usually portrays himself as an idiot who pays no attention to anything, and since everyone believes that the queen hates him and that she was forced to marry him, often play pranks on him and try to have him make a lot of mistakes. After a young guard punches Gen and is saved from exile or execution, he is forced to spend time with the king and watch after him. Slowly people's opinion of the Gen start to change as he is revealed to be much more competent than they originally assumed.This book didn't feature quite as many legends as the previous, but the ones that did were well done. Turner is a good story teller.