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Sense and Sensibility  - Jane Austen Sense and Sensibility is about two sisters named Elinor and Marianne Dashwood who, along with their mother and other sister, have to move after their father dies and their former house becomes the property of their brother John and his family. Elinor is serious and reserved, Marianne shows all of her feelings clearly and is passionate and artistic. Before they left for their new cottage, Elinor met Edward Ferrars, the brother of John's wife. Elinor and Edward have a connection and Mrs. Dashwood is convinced of the fact that they will be engaged soon, though it turns out that things are more complicated than they seem.Once at the cottage (where they meet many lovely people and form more friendships than they originally thought), Marianne attracts the interest of two men. The first is serious Colonel Brandon, who is 35 to Marianne's 16 and she deems him far too old for her. The second is Willoughby, who is 25 and much more like Marianne. While reading about Willoughby, I often compared him to another Austen "villain", Wickham. Not only are their names somewhat similar, but they both have a lot of the same characteristics. Wickham and Willoughby both flirt with the heroine only to turn out to have a bad past with the person who also loves the heroine, regarding mistreating a woman in the other's family. They both also try to marry heiresses, though Willoughby is the only one to actually succeed in that. Marianne's relationship with Willoughby is also much more complicated than it originally appeared. I actually liked Mr. Ferrars more here than I have in any of the film versions of Sense and Sensibility that I have seen, which was a nice surprise. My favorite part, though, was definitely reading about Marianne and Elinor's relationship. Both are pretty different from each other yet it's obvious they have a deep bond and love each other.