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Vladimir Nabokov, Craig Raine
Also Known As - Robin Benway Margaret's parents are both spies and so she has grown up changing identities and having various jobs all over the world. She also is a master safecracker who has been opening locks and safes her whole life. Then she and her family move to New York City where a man who runs a media company might publish a story revealing several people as spies. Her new job is to befriend this man's son and try to get the information through him, which means going to a high school for the first time. Margaret can handle all kinds of tricky situations but high school is a scary thought for her. Fortunately, with the help of her first ever friend Roux, everything becomes a bit more manageable. Then there's Jesse. When she first hears about him, she doesn't think much of him. But after meeting Jesse, Margaret realizes that she really likes him. The problem is that a real spy can't have friends or fall for her assignment. Then there's a bit of a mystery, of course! This book was so fun and cute! Not very realistic but the characters (especially Angelo and Roux! Angelo is the family friend who helps Maggie and gives her advice) were fabulous. The dialogue was also great, funny and quick. The only real problems with this book were the lack of the plot (which I could ignore for the most part!) and the dialogue issues.