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Born Wicked  - Jessica Spotswood Cate lives with her father and two sisters in an alternate version of the 1900s where the Brotherhood rules and witches (who have always existed) are punished by imprisonment, hard labor, or just plain disappear, and women are destined either for marriage or the religious Sisterhood. The problem? Cate and her two sisters are witches who must hide their powers. Cate has more caution than either of her sisters, especially reckless Maura who feels confined and restless by her life and is constantly arguing with Cate. Then, to make matters worse, a governess is hired to teach all three girls how to be proper ladies and becomes yet another person to hide their secret from. Cate is also weeks away from having to declare her intent of either marriage or a religious life in the Sisterhood. There is a choice between Paul, her childhood friend, or Finn, the new gardener. Cate wants to stay at home and protect her sisters, as she has been doing her whole life, which makes the decision even harder.There is also a prophecy about the three sisters that Cate must learn about and protect her family from. As the book goes on, Cate learns more about the people in her small town and discovers several secrets both about her family and the others.The writing was nice enough but not much happened which made the book rather dull to get through. It was mostly pretty descriptions and love triangles. The witch aspect wasn't very present, and the love story (either one!) didn't interest me. Cate wasn't the most interesting character and was very judgmental and she she knew best about everything and everyone.