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Things I Can't Forget - Miranda Kenneally This book was much less sport-oriented than the others. Although Kate is a soccer player, she injured her knee and only jogs a couple times.Kate is very religious and struggles with that. Her best friend got pregnant and had to get an abortion, something that Kate helps her with and tries to be supportive of, but it also goes against her beliefs. Her best friend is also pulling away from religion, causing even more conflict between the two of them. Then Kate works as a camp counselor at a Christian camp. Even there she is considered judgmental and conservative because she doesn't approve of them not following the morals taught at church as well as she does. At camp she encounters Matt, who she met years ago at the same camp. Back then they had shared a connection and a first kiss. Now sparks fly, but Kate is worried about things getting much hotter than her beliefs allow.I didn't like this one as much as the last one. Kate was extremely unlikeable to me with all of her judgements. It was nice to see some familiar characters (like Parker, who strikes up a friendship with Kate) and her transition as she figures out more answers and the right balance between religion and her encounters with people.