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Vladimir Nabokov, Craig Raine
Counting Backwards - Laura Lascarso When Taylor gets caught stealing a car to escape from her alcoholic mother and the panic attacks she gets, she is sent to a center in order to recover and also to complete her probation time. Taylor is angry with her parents, hates being at the center, and is determined to use any means necessary in order to escape. After various attempts (which, by the way, was really fun to see her planning) and a refusal to participate in various aspects including therapy and school, Taylor starts to make friends, learn about herself, and face her fears. She strikes up a deal with her therapist after making a list of her fears, saying that after they address and deal with each one she is free to go. Part of her therapy also includes creating a garden with the guy she is attracted to but is conflicted about after she feels that he betrays her. She eventually gets over her grudge as the garden grows. While most of this book was a three-star read for me, my enjoyment of her recovery process bumped up the rating a bit.