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Omens (Cainsville Trilogy) - Kelley Armstrong I am worried that a lot of people might not enjoy this as there is not as much fantasy as people might think. Kelley Armstrong usually writes urban fantasy and while there was some here, they were just hints. Most likely the urban fantasy aspect will pop up more as the series develops and Olivia learns more. Instead, Omens is more of a detective novel.Olivia has just discovered that she was adopted, and that her biological parents are infamous serial killers. Before that she had a good life, with a wealthy family, a degree from a good college, and an engagement to a wealthy CEO. Now she is suddenly thrust into the spotlight as the daughter of two monsters, and runs away from her old life to try to find some answers, especially as her mother maintains her innocence. At first she goes to Chicago to find a job, but as she is told repeatedly about a small town nearby called Cainsville, she decides to move there. Once there, she meets her mother's former lawyer and they reluctantly (or, at least reluctantly on her part) team up to find out some answers about her biological parents, and if they really could have committed the awful murders that everyone says they did.I loved Olivia's relationship with Gabriel (the lawyer). There was no romance in this novel, but a good relationship was set up and mmmm, I can't wait to read more about it. Olivia took some time to grow on me, but I did like her more as the story went on. I also can't wait for her to discover the paranormal aspects of her life. Looking forward to the next installment!