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Another Little Piece - Kate Karyus Quinn

This might be the most difficult review I've ever written since how I feel about Another Little Piece is all mixed up and hard to put into words. I enjoyed the first bit but a little under halfway through the whole book started falling apart for me and by the end I had very little idea what was actually going on. But here I go.


Beware of spoilers!


Annaliese Rose Gordon was at a party the night she disappeared. A year later she is found wandering about with no memories. Then she discovers who she is and goes home with her parents, who she is detached from and calls the mom and the dad instead of Mom and Dad. She looks like Annaliese but there are differences that begin right away, starting with her sudden dislike of chocolate that surprises her mother. Slowly Annaliese's memories return, but there are two sets of memories there: Annaliese's and Anna's. Annaliese sold her soul to Anna in exchange for one sexual encounter with her high school crush at the party she disappeared from. This accounts for the mystery behind her disappearance with the blood, the screams, and the unexplained vanishing.


Anna's memories, on the other hand, are a bit trickier. There's her alcoholic mother and a mysterious boy that made her what she is and pops up everywhere.Then she meets her neighbor Dex, who has his own paranormal secret. He can see people's deaths but can't tell them about it without them either losing their minds or dying anyway. Anna and Dex form a connection and go off to find answers.


Another Little Piece had a promising and creepy start, but ended up just being confusing. There were too many flashbacks of different people, etc. Not much was made clear, and by the middle of the book I began having a hard time understanding what was going on. If you asked me what happened in the end I would have a hard time telling you. I will say that I liked the pieces of Annaliese's life at the beginning of each chapter, with the poetry and such. The poetry was terrible but it was a nice glimpse into the girl she was before the party.